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“I really feel like you helped me build my confidence again – Thank you.” ~ Karen F.

“I love the peace and tranquility.” ~ Jim

“I knew it would be great at Deborah’s place.” ~ Michelle S.

“We are so profoundly grateful to have RTEC in our lives – serendipity.” ~ Audi S.

“Any business I’ve done with you has been perfect. My wife and I trust you explicitly.” ~ Jeff C.

“I rode Vern. I love Vern.” ~ MiniMite

“I know that Kali will flourish around you and I couldn’t be happier about that. You really have a terrific facility there and your trainers are great.” ~ Michael T.

“Sarada’s pictures just came up. Sam is still in school, but I couldn’t wait. Tears are running down my face. We miss him so much. The pictures make him seem real, not just a dream that fades away each time we leave the lake. Thank you so much for trimming, brushing, and beautifying him. He looks so wonderful.” ~ Michael B.

“I just can’t thank you enough for finding Seashell for me. She is so awesome! I think I’m still in shock. Also, thanks for the help and support throughout the year. I’m so lucky to have friends like you.” ~ Jerylann G.

“I’ve learned more in that last week with you than in years of lessons with my other trainer.” ~ Tava

“My thanks for your care, concern, and help! I really don’t know what I would have done without you.” ~ Laurie M.

“Thank you for a great U.S. Nationals. We were proud to show to you and pleased to have you represent the Arabian Standard!” ~ Battaglia Farms.

“Deborah, you are wonderful. I will recommend you to everyone. Your attitude is very refreshing.” ~ Cindy C.

“I had a great year at the ranch. Thank you for the great year.” ~ Emily C.

“Just wanted to say thank you for your Class Act at the Horse Expo.” ~ Irene D.

“I wanted to take a moment and say thank you for all the countless hours, cold mornings, snowy days, hot sweaty days you’ve put into preparing my child and her horses for this week. We’ve had a lot of years together and all in all, it’s been a terrific relationship. I thank you.” ~ Chriss M.

“Nina and I are still looking for a new barn in Maryland. Today we visited the fourth stable on our list.  We just now are beginning to realize how extraordinary your facility, your horses and of course the trainers are.  We had come to expect a clean barn, great footing, stalls attached to the arena, well-trained and -fed horses, and trainers who have shown high levels themselves.   I thought that was normal. It turns out, RTEC set our standards really high. Just wanted to let you know how much we miss you.” ~Dagmar & Nina

“RTEC is wonderful! It is the whole package! Jim, Deb and the other trainers are all professional, kind, interested, committed, and trustworthy. Safety and respect for the beautiful creatures is a priority. As riders, the students feel confident, strong and proud not only of themselves but proud to be a part of the RTEC family. The facilities are exceptionally maintained and the horses are happy and healthy!! I can’t say enough about RTEC. I highly recommended RTEC as a premier riding facility!”

"I’ve been making this trip (Oregon to Fort Worth) for 30+ years and your facility sticks out in my mind as the cleanest, safest and most hospitable we have encountered (for overnight layovers for horses)."~ Rich M.

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