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Do I need to own a horse to take lessons?

No, you do not need to own a horse to take lessons!  One of RTEC’s main differences is that it’s a Riding Academy, which means we have horses trained specifically for our lesson program.  In fact, you or your child could ride our lesson horses for years.  In the case that you have your own horse, if your horse is trained at RTEC, you will have the opportunity to ride your own horse during lessons.

Do you teach Western or English?

We teach many disciplines including Western, English, Hunter, Showmanship, Side Saddle and Working Cow Horse.

Do you have different sessions for beginners and advanced riders?

Yes, we strive to create a program that works for each rider.  We ask that the rider begins with an introductory lesson in order for the trainer/teacher to better assess the rider’s ability and knowledge.  RTEC offers private (1 rider), semi-private (2) and group (3-4) lessons.  The instructor and rider will discuss which type of desired lesson is appropriate for you.  At the time of joining RTEC there may not be a semi-private or group lesson available to become a part of as we assess your skills; however, there may be possible opportunities arising in the future.  We work to accommodate those requests.

How many times a week can I ride?

Depending on the lesson program you sign up for, you may have the chance to ride 3-4 times per week (i.e., one day is private, one day may be semi-private, and another may be in a group, etc.)  Our instructors work hard to fit with your schedule and the possible times that you can ride.  You may choose to ride with a certain instructor, with the possibility that you may have two or three instructors to work with depending on your riding schedule.

What is the general age demographic of RTEC’s riders?

We offer lessons to all age groups, with the youngest age being five.  These riders participate in the MiniMites program, which is a lesson period of 45 minutes.   The average RTEC rider is younger and teenage girls and/or boys who desire to learn confidence and horsemanship.  We have many riders who are well into their “golden years” too!

How long and how much are the lessons?

Lessons are from 45 minutes to an hour.  Prices may vary, but in general range between $40 and $75.  RTEC is unique in that we offer lesson-training packages, where a rider may sign up for multiple sessions at one time and follow a schedule every week.  Signing up for a package will automatically earn you savings and the more lessons you choose to sign up for, the more savings you will receive.  We have packages with savings between 1% and 5%.  Also, we are one of the few riding facilities that offer University of Nevada Reno students their own rates.  Go Pack!

Will my child learn how to take care of a horse?

Yes, your child is required to learn how to take care of a horse before, during and after the lesson period. RTEC is known for being more than just a Riding Academy: we live and work by the slogan “Where It’s More Than Riding a Horse.”  Riders are introduced to the typical routine of riding lessons and what their responsibility is when they come and ride.  Under the supervision of our instructors, they are responsible for getting the horse used in their lesson, grooming, and tacking the horse up, as well as the process after the lesson is finished.  Our instructors are very knowledgeable and have different backgrounds so that we will be able to teach your child from the ground up.

I love horses, but do not feel riding will be my thing.  Do you offer extra activities involving being around horses?

We do offer activities that involve horses, without riding, including ground-driving horses, horse care and grooming, and in-handwork.  Depending on the desired skill set, RTEC can create a program just for you.  For instance, we teach many game hunters how to ride in preparation for their actual hunting event.  Just ask us!

What should I wear to my first lesson?

The attire at your first lesson is important for both your safety and the guidelines for riding at the academy.  You should be prepared to wear a riding helmet, boots with a hard sole and heel; long or short sleeve shirt (depending on the weather), jacket/sweatshirt, and long pants that are not made of slippery material.  We do provide limited riding helmets, but should you continue to ride with RTEC, you will want to buy a riding helmet of your own.  Tennis shoes, flip flops, sandals, and clogs are not allowed under any circumstances.  Again, if after your first couple of lessons it looks like you want to continue, you will want to buy riding boots, a riding helmet, riding pants and riding gloves for your own personal use.  Just ask an instructor where to purchase riding equipment.  Once a member of RTEC, you will be provided a locker for your belongings.

Is the riding arena indoors?

Yes, completely!  We are blessed with our indoor facility that is out of the wind, heat, snow, sleet, and hail.  We have a beautifully manicured arena every day in which to ride.  And, in fact, there is a beautiful clubhouse where friends and family can watch the lesson in complete comfort of cozy couches, play pool, or enjoy a good book.

Will I be able to show at horse shows?

Yes, RTEC is both a lesson and training facility that provides instruction for the beginning riders all the way to those advanced riders with intentions to attend shows.  Many riders at RTEC choose to compete after they have ridden with the academy and it is our goal to make that happen.  We host 5-6 barn shows per year that many beginners and many seasoned riders use to further hone their skills.  We also attend numerous shows throughout the show season (typically February through November).

My goal is to own my own horse.  Do you have horses for lease or sale?

Yes, we always have horses for lease, as well as for sale. If you want to build up to owning your own horse, we have different horse packages in order for you to test the horse out and give you some responsibility, but not all.  Several of the lesson horses have been leased for purposes of riders taking them to shows during a show season or simply for some extra riding time.  As you fall more into the category of officially becoming a horse owner, we also have sale prices on several facility horses, some as lesson horses and other being purely trained.  However, if one of RTEC’s horses does not suit you or you are not ready for one of them to come home with you, our trainers are fit to help you find that perfect match elsewhere and will guide you in that direction.

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