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Farrier Services: Jamie Pruitt comes to RTEC from Portland, Oregon, every six weeks. Jamie is a specialist when it comes to producing a wonderful foot with a healthy position. Jamie provides his farrier services to elite Arabian farms nationwide.  Matt Parent of Parent Farrier Services is our local team farrier and his work is excellent!

Feed: RTEC’s feed program was developed by UC Davis many years ago and is one of simplicity. Horses systems do not need to be overburdened with supplements and treatments. Rather they need to have regular feeding schedules with all the fundamentals. Certainly, situations will occur that dictate specific remedies, but the RTEC approach is one of simplicity and consistency.

RTEC provides a grass/alfalfa mix (80% / 20%) for horse consumption. This mixture is highly recommended by the local veterinarians.

Veterinary Services: RTEC utilizes the outstanding services of Dr. Sadie Myer Miller and RTEC is supported by the veterinary services of Dr. Coli and Dr. Damonte -local veterinarians at the Comstock Clinic. RTEC also utilizes the expert services of Dr. Greg Byrne of Scottsdale, Arizona. It is not uncommon for RTEC to trailer horses to Dr. Greg Byrne’s clinic in Scottsdale and he is available at all major events to keep RTEC’s horses healthy and happy. RTEC is very fortunate to have these quality veterinarians on its team.

Dental Services: RTEC Show Horses and Riding Academy horses receive the highest quality of care to enhance their particular discipline and bridle.

Equine Integration: RTEC horses may benefit from the services of Equine Integration specialist, Kim McIntire. To learn more click here:

Cleanliness: RTEC’s stalls are cleaned three times a day and manure is hauled off the premises weekly. RTEC’s stalls are bedded deep and provide a clean and fresh atmosphere at all times. RTEC is a very clean environment and one in which we and our clients are very proud.  You’ll notice we don’t have many fly visitors due to our over-head fly system and our utilization of fly predators from Spalding.

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