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Disciplines are the various types of riding and instruction. RTEC is a unique facility where the diversity of talent is so deep: Nowhere can you find so many instructors with so many accomplishments and skills. We have several national champion trainers and nationally-accredited judges in our talent pool.

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All RTEC students begin with a background of how the horses communicate in order to ensure the safety of both our students and horses. Each lesson begins with the student and trainer/teacher preparing the horse for the class. During this time the student learns how to effectively lead and groom the horse. Once prepared, the student will take the horse to the arena for the riding portion of the lesson. Students typically take private classes until they are proficient in the fundamentals of riding. We at RTEC emphasize safety throughout every phase of the lesson. During the fundamental phase, any type of saddle can be used as the basics of starting, stopping, and steering the horse are similar.

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Western Horsemanship riders give the utmost impression of control. Horses are to be completely dictated to at all times. Riders must have a secure seat and leg working in concert with the reining hand in order to demonstrate a proficient performance.

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Saddle-Seat Equitation is an elegant style of riding show horses that allows the riders to demonstrate their skills while showing off the talents of their horses. Riders must remain in control while demonstrating balance and proper form with their horse.
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Hunter-Seat Equitation is a seat that gives a workmanlike appearance. The lower leg and seat must be secured with proper balance. Control of the horse demonstrating collection, impulsion, and engagement via all the aids is essential.

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