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Whether they’re retired from shows and lessons or gone, these are the horses who made us who we are. They live on with us in every lesson we teach, every horse we train, and every ribbon we win. They carried us to our dreams and now we carry them with us, always. 

Mats Memory.jpg

Mats Memory +

1990 Half Arabian Chestnut Gelding.  Multi-Regional Champion English Pleasure and Pleasure Driving


RGA Kouladdin 

RGA Kouladdin - 1996 Purebred Arabian Grey Gelding - “Razz” Youth National Top Ten Hunter Pleasure Walk Trot.

big dee 05.jpg

Zees Big Dee +/

1997 Purebred Arabian Bay Gelding - Multi-National Champion Working Cow Horse

Coquette - 30th birthday  1989 Purebred

Coquette +

1989 Purebred Arabian Bay Mare National Top Ten Hunter Pleasure Walk Trot and Reserve National Champion Hunter Seat Equitation Walk Trot.  In 2019 celebrated her 30th Birthday!  

Incredible Heat.jpg

Incredible Heat ++//

1997 Purebred Arabian Grey Gelding - US National Champion Sport Horse Show Hack ATR and Multiple Top Tens in English Show Hack, Working Hunter and Purebred Geldings

Kha Gi Laa.jpg

Kha-Li-Ga ++//

1976 Purebred Arabian Bay Gelding.  One of the most winning get of Khemosabi++++ -  3 Canadian Reserve National Championships in Show Hack and Country English Pleasure AOTR and 20 Top Tens at US and Canada!

North Star Bey.jpg

North Star Bey 

1995 Purebred Arabian Chestnut Gelding - Pacific Slope Champion Western Pleasure JTR.  

Al flashir.jpg

Al Fashir +

1980 Purebred Arabian Chestnut Gelding - Double Canadian Reserve National Champion Working Cow Horse and multiple Top Tens at US Nationals and Canada.

Royal Commander.jpg

Go Royal Comandar +//

1980 Purebred Arabian Chestnut Gelding - Multiple Canadian National Championships in Working Cow Horse, Reserve National Champion Working Cow Horse at US Nationals,  multiple Top Tens at US Nationals in Working Cow Horse, Hunter Pleasure AOTR and Show Hack.  

Twice The Fire.jpg

Twice The Fire ++/

1978 Half Arabian/National Show Horse Bay Mare - Carried Deborah to her first National Championship in Saddle Seat Equitation in 1988!  Multiple National Top Tens at US and Canadian Nationals in English Pleasure, Country English Pleasure and Ladies Side Saddle.  

RSD Gazebo.jpg

RSD Gazeebo

1989 Purebred Arabian Bay Gelding - Regional winner in Hunter Pleasure, Ladies Side Saddle and Western Pleasure.    

TF Miss America.jpg

TF Miss America 

1994 Half Arabian/National Show Horse Bay Mare - Canadian Reserve National Champion Half Arabian Hunter Pleasure Junior Horse and multiple Top Tens in Half Arabian Hunter Pleasure.   

TA Remarkable Bey.jpg

TA Remarkably Bey

1994 Purebred Arabian Bay Mare - Owned by Patricia Schweigert and shared with Deborah for over a decade.  


Alistair X+/

1997 Purebred Arabian Chestnut Gelding - Multiple National Top Ten in Show Hack and Multiple Regional Championships in Country English Pleasure.

Seemuhs Ibn McCoy+.jpg

Seemuhs Ibn McCoy+//

1976 Purebred Arabian Grey Gelding - Multiple National Championships in Working Cow Horse and Stock Horse.  Multiple Top Tens in Stock Seat Equitation (Now Reining Seat Equitation).


Coco Chanel Blu

 2011 Purebred Arabian Chestnut Mare- Youth National Top 10 Regional Champion in Walk Trot. Performed in the 2014 Tournament of Roses Parade and the 2023 Nevada Day Parade.

Matadors MVP .jpg

Matadors MVP

1994 Half Arabian/National Show Horse Chestnut Mare - Regional Reserve Champion and multiple Top Fives in  Country English Pleasure.  


Megabyte SSA +

1995 Half Arabian/National Show Horse Chestnut Mare - Multiple Scottsdale Top Tens in Park Horse and English Pleasure.  Many Regional Championships in Park and English Pleasure.

image001 (3).jpg

Aforce Afire BF

2009 Purebred Arabian Bay Gelding - US Top Ten Country English Pleasure Futurity and several Regional & Pacific Slope Top Fives in Country English Pleasure.

Megas Little Angel.jpg

Megas Little Angel

2004 Purebred Arabian Chestnut Mare - 3 Canadian National Top Tens in Walk Trot Hunter and Western Pleasure.  

Mark Mcguire.jpg

Mark McGwire 

1999 Purebred Arabian Bay Gelding - Pacific Slope Reserve Champion Hunter Pleasure JTR, multiple Champion and Regional Top Five awards in Hunter Pleasure ATR, open and Sport Horse Under Saddle.

Just America.jpg

Just America 

2006 Half Arabian Bay Gelding - Regional Reserve Champion Yearling Geldings and winner in Hunter Pleasure.

Cody- American Mustang.jpg


American Mustang 

CA Galicia.jpg

CA Galicia 

2003 Purebred Arabian Chestnut Mare - Regional Champion in Hunter Pleasure ATR.  

Emage VA .jpg

Emage VA 

2005 Purebred Arabian Chestnut Gelding - Regional and Pacific Slope Champion and several Top Fives in Western Pleasure JTR and Hunter Pleasure AOTR.

Miss Savannah .jpg

Miss Savannah 

2007 Purebred Arabian Bay Mare

PH Majestic .jpg

PH Majestik Sarada

PH Majestk Sarada - 1995 Purebred Arabian Bay Gelding - owned by Audi & Samantha Steele.

Sir Muzcateer .jpg

Sir Muzkateer HA 

1994 Purebred Arabian Gelding, Regional Reserve Champion Sport Course Under Saddle and Dressage Training Level ATR.

Tamar Emissary.jpg

Tamar Emissary+

2001 Purebred Arabian Grey Gelding - Canadian National Champion English Pleasure JTR and Top Tens at US Nationals in Park and Youth Nationals in English JTR.  Several Regional Championship in Native Costume, Park and English Pleasure.  

Arabask VF.jpg

Arabask VF

2001 Purebred Arabian Bay Mare - owned by Chrissy Marler - Regional Reserve Champions in Western and Hunter ATR. 

Tequila Mischief .jpg

Tequilla Mischief

2014 Half Arabian Buckskin Mare

tonights The Nite.jpg

Tonights the Nite

2013 Half Arabian Chestnut Mare

image001 (1).jpg

Lightnin Stryks Twice

2013 Black Half Arabian Country English Horse owned by Lillian Thompson. Multiple U.S. and Youth Canadian Top Tens. 


Chillin The Most VSH

2009 Half Arabian Half Dutch Harness Bay Gelding. Youth and U.S. National Top 10 in Country Pleasure. Owned by Pam and Xavier Lee.


GSF London Calling/ Prince Heiry

Youth and U.S. National Top 10 in English Pleasure. Owned by Emmaline Thompson. 2014 Purebred Arabian Gelding.


Jamacian Legacy aka "Jasmine"

2003 Purebred Chestnut Mare.

image001 (2).jpg

Vito Getdakar FOA aka "Gil"

2001 Purebred Arabian Bay Gelding. Regional Top 5 Hunter Pleasure. 


Aberdares Valor

2003 Half Arabian Half Welsh Pony Grey Gelding- Regional Champion in Western and Hunter. 

Eros Premier Status

2006 Half Arabian Half Hackney Bay Gelding- Regional Champion in English Show Hack and Side Saddle. 

Zzoe S A +++/

2004 Purebred Grey Arabian Mare- Top 10 National Champion Sport Horse

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