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Talent. Integrity. Success. RTEC operates under the belief that healthy, successful horses and accomplished, knowledgeable horsemen result from consistent care, discipline, trust, honesty and integrity and is dedicated to the development of these qualities in each and every one of its clients.

Our Story: RTEC is a leader in providing services at all levels of equestrian sport. More individuals trust their horses and students to Reno Tahoe Equestrian Centre than any other Riding Academy and Show Horse Center.

You may be asking why that is. RTEC delivers consistent services for students of all ages and ability levels. RTEC also takes care of all of the concerns you have for your horse. You can select the program that is right for you and have the flexibility to grow with RTEC for weeks, months or even years. Perhaps it is that RTEC focuses on more than riding the horse. RTEC is dedicated to each of its students and horses and their potential for their personal growth and their growth in the equestrian world.

RTEC clients gain:

  • Safety for both the horse and rider

  • Commitment to the pursuit of individual goals

  • Success at all levels of competition

  • Assurance of your horse’s well being 24/7

  • Knowledge, skills, and abilities of recreational riding

  • More attention to detail

  • More opportunity for learning time and social time

  • Increased enthusiasm and passion

At the end of the day, don’t you want to be affiliated with the best? RTEC is proud of its history and is excited about your future.

RTEC is an extension of the Johnson Family ranch that has been in existence since 1880. The family believes living with Arabian horses is the best way to have fun with your family for a lifetime. Every equine enthusiast, no matter the level of experience, wants to be safe, keep learning and have a great time doing so. RTEC is constantly building on that legacy by improving and expanding our award-winning suite of riding academy and competition-based services.

Our Values: Our work is a collection of our beliefs. In our experience, a truly successful equestrian center combines the following elements:

Purpose: We are all motivated to excellence from passion. We believe to be successful at any level of equestrian sport the foundation needs to be built on purpose, passion, and integrity.

Focus: Greatness depends upon having a simple and clear focus. We believe a razor-sharp focus on your goals – enjoyment, growth, and skills is essential in today’s equestrian world.

Plan: We assist in bringing purpose and focus to life by constructing a plan that will guide day-to-day activities in your equestrian endeavors. With honesty and trust in the development and execution of a plan, you and your horse will be happy and successful. A horse and rider without a plan are like a buggy without a horse.

Measurement: Keeping a finger on the development of all riders to ensure their goals are being met. We align the plan with realistic measurements that monitor the plan’s implementation and end results.

Balance: Our work-life impacts our personal life, our family life, and our community. We help guide owners and riders to build their future in the equestrian sport to achieve a more balanced and rewarding life positively impacting those around us.

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