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Standard Birthday Party Package:

Start time: Parties begin at 2:00 pm on Saturday or Sunday. Please call for other times and dates.

Cost: $395 for up to 12 children plus $20.00 for each additional child. Riders must be age 5 or up. A merchant fee of 3% is added when using a credit card.

Here’s what you can expect to do at an RTEC Birthday Party:

Tour: RTEC’s party guide will greet guests at the entrance to the main barn. At that time, guests will meet our horses and participate in a fun and informative age-appropriate discussion on colors, markings, breeds and horse facts.


Horse rides: Two horses are provided for the party. Each guest rides once and Birthday Child rides twice. Ages 5 and up may ride.

Party room: Guests are invited to decorate the RTEC party room and use it as a celebration space for the final activity. RTEC will provide tables, seating, and a restroom. Guests are responsible for decorating and for providing all refreshments.


Restaurants That Deliver to RTEC:  BK Char-B-Que, 775.499.5855

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