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Show Class Sessions:

Show class sessions are held at RTEC on selected Saturday during the fall and winter. Riders sign up for their class of either walk-trot, walk trot canter, or pattern for $25 per ride. There is a maximum of 10 riders per class. The benefits of these sessions are wildly successful. When you’re not riding, you are junior judging and beginning to understand the perspective from center ring. Parents, riders, and spectators alike enjoy the frank discussion provided by our own licensed judge, Deborah. It truly gives clarity to placement outcomes.  Deborah has judged the Arabian US Nationals six times, Canadian Nationals, Youth Nationals twice and the prestigious Scottsdale show six times!

RTEC Barn Show Series 

A series of 7 barn shows held right at RTEC occur during the summer. Classes include leadline, walk/trot or jog, 3 gaited equitation, pleasure and pattern classes. Academy classes are held for those just starting out and do not require full show attire. Classes are judged and awards are presented for every class. The final show is the Championship show and competitors need to participate in at least three of the first six shows to be eligible for the Championship. In addition, points are earned in each show that will lead to the high point prizes awarded at the Year End Party! Prior to the start of each show, dinner is served and stories shared. 2020 dates are to be announced.


Competitions are attended locally and can serve as an entry-level of participation or as a tune-up prior to attending the larger competitions. Local shows are attended by the RTEC team in Reno, Carson City, and Lemon Valley, and are a great place to start to get the competitive bug. Horses at RTEC are available for use at these shows. We are committed to taking you to competitions where you feel completely prepared and ready to succeed. Once successful at the local level, our students take their skills on to larger competitions in California, Idaho, Oregon, and Arizona. Team RTEC participates in Regional level competitions including Pacific Slopes, Region 2, Region 3, and Region 4. When ready, we take clients and horses to the national and international events in Canada, Oklahoma City, and Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Rates are determined based on students’ goals and participation level. Some people like to pay as they go for each show. Other people like to take advantage of our leveled billing opportunity. Each year in October and November, we have client meetings to determine what dates work best and what competitions will be challenging and yet most successful. We then determine the total for the year and divide by 11 or 12 to come up with the monthly fee. This option helps to spread out showing costs throughout the year evenly, if the majority of the shows are all in April, May, and June. We are happy to offer this as an option! 

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